This IS the Las Vegas event planner you are looking for.

Founded by an industry veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the Las Vegas hospitality industry, ROI Events focuses on providing the best possible participant experience while simultaneously assisting meeting planners to achieve their budget and program goals. We are committed to staying ahead of a quickly evolving industry by embracing new technology and offering clients a transparent and honest pricing model.  From executive concierge services to full destination management, ROI Events offers flexibility that is unmatched by any other Las Vegas event planning company.

ROI …much more than return on investment!

R is for Reward.  Reward your team for a job well done, or reward your clients for their continued support. At ROI Events, we understand the high-touch needs of an incentive group and are here to take the stress out of planning.  Unique experiences are our specialty!

O is for Optimize.  Optimize is defined as making the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource. The ROI Events team works with our supplier partners to maximize the participant experience while providing planners with a creative event that’s budget-efficient and leaves a desired result. 

I is for Inspire. Partnering with ROI Events allows planners to create a program that inspires attendees for continued success! Our team is dedicated to offering a motivational platform of activities and programs that drives and rejuvenates participants!